Call Trump on his dangerous actions

To the editor:

I could not sleep, so I gave up trying, sat up in bed and commenced to read “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” — a compendium of 25 articles in three parts: “Trump Phenomenon,” “Trump Dilemma” and “Trump Effect.” Gail Sheehy (author of “Passages”) wrote that “it is up to us the American people to call him on it” (Trump’s detachment from reality).

As a “politically active citizen,” I feel compelled “to call him on it.”

Gail Sheehy’s article is entitled “Trump’s Trust Deficit is the Core Problem.”

As a very small child of 6 years, I was very afraid during the Korean War. Interestingly, it is Korea which the focus of possible world trauma again.

I can only hope and pray that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent overture to North Korea about talks without preconditions is sincere. Tillerson has stepped away from Trump’s maniacal pursuit of self-aggrandizement. The offer creates a more effective approach to world peace.


Lorna L. Jewell