University Games prompt many questions

To the editor:

When the Lake Placid delegation was traveling to investigate the possibility of hosting the World University Games, I envisioned that the event would be an expanded version of the Empire State Games; instead it seems the Adirondack North Country Global Sports Committee intends to host a mini-Olympics.

In anticipation of the public meeting called for Monday, Nov. 20 on the first floor, Conference Center, North Elba Room, from 4 to 5 p.m., to further discuss the bid for the 2023 WUG, inquiring minds will want answers to the following questions.

¯ Who is the legal entity signing the contract to stage this event?

¯ When was that organization authorized, and by whom, to bid for this event?

¯ What type of legal entity is the Adirondack North Country Global Sports Committee?

¯ What is its mission statement?

¯ Does it have members, officers, board of directors?

¯ Are there bank accounts? Who signs?

¯ What is its role in staging the event?

¯ The dates and copies of the resolutions of the town, village, Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism and Olympic Regional Development Authority boards approving the expenditure of public funds to bid for this event, and to whom were these funds paid?

¯ Explaining the no-bid $300,000 bid and the financing — so far, the town $25,000, village $25,000, ROOST $25,000, ORDA $15,000 equals $90,000; balance due $210,000

¯ Clarification of the source of the $30 million estimated amount required to stage the event

¯ A cost analysis of the expenditure of that $30 million

¯ Full cost analysis of the host’s commitments, obligations and responsibilities, financial and otherwise, including but not limited to any and all in-kind services to be provided by police, fire, highway, emergency, etc.

¯ An analysis of the cost to the community in increased taxes to pay for the infrastructure improvements to stage the event

¯ Having secured the games, what person and/or entity will be responsible to stage the event?

¯ To administer the $30 million-plus

¯ To manage the vast array of components to stage the event

¯ Having considered all of the above, who does the ANCGSC and the other community leadership describe as the beneficiaries of this event, and why?

Short notice, short list … let’s have a big turnout!

Charles Walsh

Lake Placid