Proud of fellow Saranac Laker Lee Keet

To the editor:

I am writing in reference to the Guest Commentary by Lee Keet on Nov. 20 titled “True-false quiz on tax bills.”

For the recent months, reading Guest Commentaries have been very predictable. Mr. Keet’s analysis was very accurate and pointed out the flaws in the current tax reform bills. His opinions showed open-mindedness, and he looked at the large picture.

The last paragraph of the article made me very proud of Lee Keet. He has joined other wealthy people wanting to do the right thing. The bills would benefit him personally, but he concludes that “[he] and [his] family do not want to live in a country where some of us live better at the expense of our poorest and most vulnerable citizens.”

I am proud of our fellow Saranac Laker.


Martin Rowley

Saranac Lake