Jim Bombard was beloved in ski industry

To the editor:

Bomby was first and foremost a skier. He turned his love of the sport into his life’s work in the ski business as a sales representative.

Duties of a sales rep are setting up a dealer network, presenting companies’ products and programs, training staff on those products and participating in on-snow events. You’re the companies’ representative to dealers, and at the same time you’re the dealers’ representative to the company.

Along with those duties he traveled extensively throughout the western mountain territories of Idaho, Utah and Montana.

He started with Head skis, the revolutionary first ski made of metal. He ended up with the famous U.S. ski brand K2. To say that he was loved by everyone he came in contact with is an understatement. The ski shops would literally light up when he walked through the door. After he retired, there wouldn’t be a day that would go by without someone stopping by to visit and talk skiing! He made skiing a better sport.

Jeannie Thoren

Duluth, Minnesota