Help employees be generous

To the editor:

It is a genuine pleasure to do business in the North Country. The foremost reason is the kind and caring nature of the citizens in this region. This quality is perhaps best displayed in the annual fundraising campaign for the United Way.

This year more than ever before, our friends and neighbors across Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties will be using the services provided by the 42 member agencies of the United Way. The United Way of the Adirondack Region Inc. is a clearinghouse for agencies in the North Country that derives the majority of its funding through employee payroll deductions. No contribution is too small; if every working adult in the tri-county area donated just 50 cents per week, the campaign would be fully funded. As employers, please don’t deny your employees the chance to be generous. Having a United Way drive at your place of business is a very simple process; all that is involved is showing a brief video to your staff and then having them fill out a contribution form. For you as the employer, you simply send the deducted amounts to the United Way monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

I invite you to visit the website at or contact the United Wat office in Plattsburgh for more information. Once again, I urge you: Please give your employees the opportunity to be generous; together we can make life better in the North Country for everyone!

Hannah Provost

United Way of the Adirondack Region Inc.