Flyer post change

To the editor:

In response to my letter to the editor Sept. 23, “Store should post flyer,” I received a very nice phone call from the regional retail manager of Kinney Drugs, Dale Myatt. He was unaware that the manager of the Lake Placid store chose not to display flyers for events and such held outside the Lake Placid community until it was brought to his attention when he read my letter. As he agreed, Kinney’s belief for “community spirit” is not limited to “one” community but to reach beyond to those of our “neighboring” communities as well, whether they are 7 miles apart or 15 miles apart. Mr. Myatt has since cleared up this matter. He was very supportive and considerate.

I should also clarify that it wasn’t the Lake Placid management’s policy that wouldn’t allow posting the flyers, but rather the manager of the store who chose not to put them up.

I would like to thank Mr. Myatt again for reaching out and helping change this for the benefit of all who live in our communities.

Karen Gatus