Area can shelter storm victims, make tents

To the editor:

I’m of the opinion that the Adirondacks could provide both immediate aid and a long-term product for evacuees of the recent and future natural disasters.

1. Vacant North Country prisons would make suitable short-term housing for displaced people. Lyon Mountain, Camp Gabriels and Chateaugay were lower-security facilities with sleeping areas, kitchen and recreational areas, and could be used as camps while homes are being rebuilt. I’m sure it would flood the North Country economy with federal dollars.

2. Adirondack tent platforms could be pre-built in sections and rapidly constructed to provide durable, long-term, temporary dwellings. They could be modular kits, assembled in sections, and would be durable against the elements in southern regions. Building the kits would provide jobs for local residents, and they could be loaded on flatbed trailers, ready to be dispatched. When emergencies ended, they could be taken apart for reuse. It would also provide an outlet for locally harvested building materials. Of course it would be far more feasible if we had a working railroad connecting the northern Adirondacks with the rest of the nation’s rail network. Our current mayor Clyde Rabideau and village board, in my considered opinion, have worked against that potential for their own personal benefit. It’s time to replace them with civic-minded people. Saranac Lake had a long line of true statesmen, from Dr. Trudeau through Roger Tubby, who understood that the railroad was essential to the well-being of Saranac Lake.

Keith Gorgas

Saranac Lake