Voters for Change is no newcomer

To the editor:

We are writing partly in response to an article that appeared in the Enterprise last week regarding recent town caucuses. Commentary in the article inferred that our organization, Adirondack Voters for Change, has entered the political arena just recently since last November’s national election, so we felt we should briefly clear up who we are and some of our past activities.

Adirondack Voters for Change is a grassroots, issues-based organization, promoting progressive change and citizen engagement in our political process, that came together approximately 14 years ago in response to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq. Since then, we have held informational programs in our community on diverse topics such as the overuse of road salt on our roads and highways, compassionate choices for end-of-life decisions, health care, running for political office, issues in education and even monarch butterflies, to name a few.

We have never supported a specific political party but have rather worked on the campaigns of individuals whose views are most in line with our stated mission, regardless of party affiliation. We have often opened storefronts prior to elections in support of candidates, in addition to calling, canvassing and hosting meet-and-greets of candidates. We have helped to organize community members to attend the Women’s March on Washington and to march in support of everyone’s right to affordable health care and to protect our climate and environment.

We definitely have seen a greater interest in our activities since the 2016 national elections, and are excited and inspired by the energy that new faces have brought to our efforts. But our interest in local and national politics is not new and not a passing phase. We are deeply committed to our democracy and the active engagement of citizens in our democratic process. We welcome anyone interested in participating in Adirondack Voters for Change to attend one of our meetings held the first and third Sunday of each month in Saranac Lake. For more information, we can be contacted through our website (, by email (, our Facebook page or by mail at P.O. Box 988, Saranac Lake, NY 12983.

Jim Abendroth, president

Adirondack Voters for Change