Knight’s tough, fair reporting helped NCCC

To the editor:

As a recently retired director of nursing and Senate president for North Country Community College, allow me to share my perspective on the recent hiring of Chris Knight as director of communications.

As noted in several articles in the Enterprise, Chris was part of the series of articles laying out previous conflict and problems at NCCC. While it was difficult to read of my institution’s problems in the press, the articles were fairly reported, and an Enterprise editorial called on the college faculty, administration and Board of Trustees to work together for the common good of the communities served.

Ultimately, these articles served a constructive purpose. While the college still faces changing demographics, funding issues and debates as to the purpose and function of higher education, it has come a long way in addressing its challenges and embracing a new set of strategic initiatives that speak well for the future.

I believe that Chris has been sought out because of his investigative skills and ability to focus on real issues and clear writing. The same tenacity he brought to his journalism will provide NCCC a fresh perspective as it moves forward to address the needs of the communities and the challenges of public education.

Chris in his new position will be essential in helping frame the communication within the college, from the college to the greater community and, importantly, from the community to the college.

Not only will his fresh perspective help focus the school’s efforts, but it will allow for clear and organized communication about programs and opportunities supported by NCCC. It will also articulate the challenges the college and the counties face in providing education and training to the residents.

I, for one, am excited about the willingness of NCCC to move forward and continue its efforts to ask the right questions of the right people, listen well and articulate its mission and activities in a clear, concise and timely manner.

Charles VanAnden

Saranac Lake