Saranac Lake should disband police force

To the editor:

Once again the Saranac Lake Police Department has failed me, not to mention others. I thought their job was to protect and to serve.

I have an order of protection against someone, and it was violated. What good is an order of protection if they are not going to enforce it? They said, and I quote, “We’re not doing anything about it.” I feel so bad. They are overpaid and underworked.

I feel that I have to take care of things myself. They offer no help. I strongly urge that the village board vote to disband them and let the real police do the job right. It feels like my tax dollars are being wasted. It’s time for Saranac Lake to make some changes. It starts with the police department.

Sincerely yours,

George Hadynski

Saranac Lake