Parking idea

To the editor:

Regarding the overcrowding problem on some of our more popular hiking trails, while in Montana, I came across a possible solution.

On the Blackfoot River, there are designated parking areas at the access points accompanied by a sign asking anglers to “move on” if the spots are taken. Each area had four to six parking spots. This ensures a quality experience while spreading out the fishing pressure. I fished for hours while running into relatively few fellow anglers.

I believe this could also be adapted to our hiking trails here in the Adirondacks. This seems like an inexpensive answer to what has become an awkward problem. With just the cost of a sign and numbered painted spots (say 20 to 25) at each access point, we can look forward to hiking our favorite trails in relative solitude and once again enjoy our “wild” Adirondacks.

Len Lisacchi