Rest in peace

To the editor:

¯ Pat Howard — longtime airline employee at Adirondack Airport

¯ Dick Maye — did inside trim work for Adirondack Habitat for Humanity

¯ Joanne Branch — longtime physical education teacher at North Country Community College

¯ Vince Moore — executive director at Adirondack Park Agency during Olympics

¯ Ginny Queior — went on NCCC trip to Germany with her

¯ Annie Converse — sang with St. Bernard’s choir

¯ Rev. Bill Small — personable, intelligent, practical and supporter of civil rights

¯ Evie Camelo — ever-smiling wife of Winter Carnival ex-rex Frank Camelo

¯ Tom Monroe — Wanakena Ranger School graduate who became Department of Environmental Conservation Region 5 director

¯ Jim Bunning — won 100 games in both leagues, pitched a no-hitter and a perfect game, helped found players union, elected to both houses of Congress and Cooperstown

¯ Joe Foley — nice guy, son of Bernie and Jean

¯ Frank Deford — longtime writer for Sports Illustrated and commentator on NPR

¯ Nancy DePuy — wife of former Troop B commander and village manager Dick DePuy

¯ Vicky Champeny — next-door neighbor

¯ Jeff Gillenkirk — high school classmate and speech writer for Mario Cuomo.

Paul Herrmann

Saranac Lake