Don’t eliminate funds for public broadcasting

To the editor:

What is going through Trump’s and Republican lawmakers’ minds? There is an almost unprecedented attack on the poor through cuts in supplemental food programs and Medicaid. Then you have the push to repeal Obamacare, with millions left without health insurance. This has become a moral question.

However, I have another equal concern. This is the elimination of funding for public broadcasting. Public radio and television provide a variety of quality programming not found anywhere else. What I want is to focus on news coverage.

This is the time for comprehensive and unbiased news coverage. This is especially true of news that encourages you to think without trying to sway your opinion. Other 24-hour news channels are tainted with opinion and partisanship. We need to fight for public broadcasting now more than ever.

So please write or email our government representatives in support of public broadcasting. Otherwise, we will be left with the likes of Fox and MSNBC.

Jeffrey Plumley

Saranac Lake