Why don’t more Republicans speak up?

To the editor:

Here, here to Mr. Spadaro for calling out (again) the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and lack of civil discourse within our community.

While there is a very large “silent majority” out there, it seems that it is the same people who take the initiative to respond to the constant negativism displayed by the left. Where are the leaders of the local Republican Party, and why are they not out there laying out the facts? The “resistance” is constantly laying out conspiracy theories with no facts and has been trying to impeach the president since Election Day because he wants to “drain the swamp.” Most in D.C. don’t want that to happen. It is no longer fake news; it is dishonest news. The lack of accuracy in reporting and TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has put politics above national security.

Wake up Republicans and Conservatives, and make your thoughts heard.

John Fik