‘Silent majority’ supports Trump, Stefanik

To the editor:

As stated here before, I have a strong, fundamental sense of fair play. Growing up, I was reminded, as my situations changed, to always treat everyone with respect and fairness. I find the current negative theme expressed by readers of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise most challenging and confusing.

It appears, in their view, that there is nothing good to be found in Rep. Elise Stefanik or President Trump. So sad!

I know for fact that there are many in our community who agree with me and are supportive and appreciative of the president’s and congresswoman’s efforts. They have become the new “silent majority,” but they are reluctant to express their support. Who can blame them, as the nightly news is full of disruptions at town hall meetings and college speeches? I guess that these “disruptors” do not know how to behave when out of their “safe zones.” Even the ADE has printed a cartoon depicting President Trump as a modern-day Hitler!

It is said that one can make a difference. I recall that Ghandi drove the British out of India, and he did not even have shoes! I am not as strong as Ghandi, but I try to follow TR’s admonition to “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Joe Spadaro

Saranac Lake