Actions inherent to intentions

To the editor:

It was disappointing to see that our Republican congressional representative, Elise Stefanik, has decided to stand as a cheerleader for the Republican Party rather than with her constituents. By voting yes to the House’s recent proposal to replace and repeal the Affordable Care Act, Congresswoman Elise has made it clear where her intentions and priorities lie. Elise’s yes vote demonstrates that she has disregarded the demographics of her district and lacks the fortitude to be a leader. District fact: The people she represents are aging and of lower incomes.

The whimsical proposal whipped together by House Republicans is very deceptive, not to mention its many other negative aspects. The most deceptive portion of the proposal is the attempt to confuse people between the differences of “affordable” versus coverage! You may purchase an “affordable” plan that you CANNOT afford to have. In other words, insurance companies will be glad to offer Band-Aid and boo-boo plans that cover minor medical issues (hence “affordable). But guess what? No one has ever had their life savings and or retirement wiped out because of a boo-boo.

Serious medical issues are expensive! Not just thousands of dollars but tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. How well would you do paying a 20 percent co-pay of $150,000? If you are younger, you may want to consider this type of expense once you retire. Also consider, some children are born with lifelong conditions (pre-existing).

We already know the poor and many middle-class people cannot cover health care on their own. Many fixes must occur to make health care more affordable. Most of these issues have not even been mentioned by White House demigods. Personally, I refuse to believe we cannot provide for our sick in this “already” great country.

Scott W. Grady

Lake Placid