Be respectful; it goes both ways

To the editor:

It was with much interest that I read the Enterprise article Feb. 14 about parking at the local Saranac Lake Verizon retailer. About the parking, I would ask the public to be respectful of private property.

In regard to the local Verizon authorized retailer and their falling sales, I have been a Verizon cell customer going on 20 years. In October, I started to receive texts from Bounces 12345…, etc. Upon investigation, I determined that they were coming from the local Verizon authorized retailer. It has been four months now that I have been working with Verizon and have asked the manager of the retailer to put a stop to the messages.

As of last week, the unwanted messages have kept coming. So to Mr. Kyle Cole and to Mr. Todd Bender, I have a suggestion: Be patient, as you seem to not be able to take me off your solicitation list.

Thank You

Rick LeiDig

Lake Clear