ADE has anti-Republican tone

To the editor:

I do not know how content of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise is determined, but to a fair-minded person such as myself, it sure is a far cry from fair and balanced. Article after article in the ADE paints a negative impression of OUR president, Congresswoman Stefanik and the Republican Party. It is a choice that you make, and after all, you own the ADE! The remarks contained in most letters to the editor and the opinion columns sure do not reflect on the reality of the PARTY that I trust and support.

I had to take a very long walk after seeing the very disrespectful cartoon depicting Donald Trump as a modern-day Hitler. Small consolation that at least the swastika was not depicted. Why was no credit for its generation indicated? Are you or the staff at the ADE responsible for it? I am very confused as this type of unethical presentation has not been seen in the ADE during the previous 47 years that I have lived and worked in Saranac Lake.

The Winter Carnival for over 100 years has been a non-political event. One anti-Stefanik protester made the front page of the ADE from among the thousands who put aside politics for at least the few hours of the parade! I hope you also noticed that our elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, walked in unison with NO political signage.

You seem to have no problem with accepting negative political letters from other parts of the country. I want to know how my fellow citizens feel about life in our area, not some other place. If I wanted to read an opinion piece from The New York Times, I would buy that paper. Printing such pieces lets the editorial staff “off the hook” as it provides a cover for deniability. According to the majority of the letters in the ADE, deniability is reserved for the Republican Party.

We have been down this road before, but nothing seems to change. So be it, as it is your paper!

I was not going to write this as I am certain that it will make no difference. However, when I look into the eyes of my grandchildren, I am haunted by the thought they would someday ask, “Grandpa, why did you not say something when you saw something that you thought was wrong?”

Ta Ta,

Joe Spadaro

Saranac Lake