We’re excited to see your vacation photos

THIRD PLACE, 2017: Bonnie Birk reads the Enterprise while sitting beside the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia.  

All the school spring breaks are over, and we’re sure those of you who went away took some great photos of your travels. We hope those pictures included one of you with your copy of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise Vacation Photo Contest has been an annual Tri-Lakes tradition since the early 1990s. People pack a paper in a suitcase and then pull it out at some fun moment to take a picture displaying it in their vacation destination.

Don’t let that picture lie dormant in your camera or phone. Now’s the time to put it to use: Submit it to the Enterprise Vacation Photo Contest.

It doesn’t have to be a spring break photo, by the way; you’re welcome to submit photos from other vacations within the last 12 months, as long as a hard copy of the Enterprise is in them.

Our staff will pick three contest winners based on originality, locale and photo quality, and those winners will get Enterprise subscriptions as prizes: three months for third place, six months for second and one year for first.

The deadline for us to receive photo entries will be Monday, May 7. That gives you three-and-a-half weeks. No need to wait until the last minute; do it right away, while you’re thinking about it.

If your photos are digital, please email them to our sports/features editor, Morgan Ryan, at sports@adirondackdailyenterprise.com. Keep in mind that we can’t print low-resolution photos, so please don’t compress them.

If you only have your photo in a hard copy, either drop it off at our office (54 Broadway, Saranac Lake) or mail it to Vacation Photo Contest, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, P.O. Box 318, Saranac Lake, NY 12983. If you want your hard copy returned, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your entry, and we will mail it back to you when we’re done.

Include your name, phone number, email address and a caption — a brief description of who and what are in the photo, including the location and the name and hometown of any person pictured.

We ask that each household submit no more than one photo.

In May and June, we’ll print as many photos as possible in the paper. We’ll start on Saturday, May 19 with the three contest winners: first, second and third place. We’ll also post each week’s photos on our website under the North Country Living category. You can find that category on our homepage or by clicking “Life” on the menu across the top of our website.

We and your fellow readers are aching with curiosity to see where you went.