More classy talk from our president

President Donald Trump (Official White House photo)

Donald Trump has once again showed why he is unfit to be president of the United States. While negotiating with members of Congress over immigration changes, lawmakers were shocked when Trump wondered aloud why the U.S. would want to allow more immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and all of Africa. He referred to all these countries with a vulgar word that means a pit of excrement.

Instead, he said, we should try to get more immigrants from countries such as Norway, which he had just visited.

How casual this billionaire’s racism was as he tried to make U.S. immigration policy discriminate against countries he compares to outhouses.

Trump’s presidency has ushered in a “Revenge of the Bullies,” in which he and others like him revel in abusing those they see as weaker than themselves. Remember the movement to root out bullying from our schools, and the ongoing push against sexual harassment? This is the backlash.

Sadly, when we read this news, our first reaction was that he probably had just gained points with his fans, who make up a large number of Americans — though still very much a minority.

Saranac Lake Trump fan Randy Gruel dropped all pretenses in a letter to the editor we published Thursday: “President Trump is evil — so what? He’s a racist — big deal. He colluded with Russia and lies continually — peshah! He’s insane and mentally unstable — too bad. President Trump sexually assaulted women in his past — ain’t gonna amount to a hill of beans.”

To Gruel, the reason Trump won the 2016 election, and why he will be re-elected in 2020, is simply this: “Because we work for what we possess, and all must endeavor to the same.”

Yes, people have rights to their own property, but if you don’t acknowlegde that people need to help each other, too, that argument boils down to “Mine!” — the cry of a 2-year-old.

Parents teach their toddlers to be better than this: “Share your toys. Don’t hit. Play nicely with others.” But the Trump movement is, to a certain degree, a rejection of adult norms and a sense of social responsibility — the hated establishment.

Trump doesn’t want to grow up, so now it seems like we’re being led by 71-year-old schoolyard bully.

There’s only so much each of us can do to stop it, but let’s not get used to it. In the end, we human beings need to live with and help each other.