Who delivers to your home every day?

As service disappears in the way of the milkman, grocery home deliveries and the family doctor who makes house calls, one thing that still remains is the trusted newspaper carrier.

When we have a young person who wants to sign up for a delivery route, we feel it is a good opportunity to show him the process. We explain there is a lot of work that goes into the newspaper. It starts with the ad department visiting businesses to get ads and their copy, to the typesetters who build the ads, the news reporters and editors who cover and edit the news and sports, the pressmen who run the presses and the mailroom staffers who collate the sections and inserts. Then we tell these new delivery people that they have the most important job of giving the finished product to the customer. We explain that if they don’t deliver the newspaper every day, then all the work everyone did is for nothing.

Tomorrow, Oct. 7, is International Newspaper Carrier Day. This is a time we want to thank our carriers and motor route drivers. Some are young students learning to be responsible, some do it as a second job, and some are retirees trying to supplement their income. They all go out in sub-zero or sweltering hot weather, on icy or flooded roads and sidewalks to get the newspaper to your door Monday through Saturday.

If you get your newspaper in a dry spot in a timely fashion, remember to thank the person who put it there. It goes a long way in showing them appreciation.

Join us, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, in thanking the following delivery people.

Saranac Lake

¯ Elizabeth Nelson

¯ Carla Fleming

¯ Jared Theriault

¯ Christopher Gladd

¯ Phil Newton


¯ Calvin Spinner

Lake Clear

¯ John Rushlow


¯ Leon Lester

Lake Placid

¯ Charles Knox

¯ Thomas Hopseker

¯ Debbie Dukett

¯ Roger Foster

¯ Randall Fletcher

Tupper Lake

¯ Philip Beaudette

¯ Neil and Mary Harvey

¯ Jacob and Julie Hubbard

¯ Patricia Bankich

¯ Kimberly Kennedy