Cameras and trails would both help

Joyriders on all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes can’t be left to run rampant and damage public and private property in Tupper Lake simply because police officers have trouble catching them. Cameras, which village officials are considering, are a legitimate tool for fighting vandalism and trespassing, although there can be pracical obstacles.

But also, as many riders have said on Facebook, ATVers do need places to ride. The town of Tupper Lake provides trails for cross-country skiers to use; it should consider doing the same for four-wheelers. As with the ski trails, volunteers can take the lead on design and maintenance.

The lack of ATV trails, however, is no excuse for trespassing, damaging property and keeping people awake at all hours. It’s important to take responsibility for one’s actions.

We’re glad to draw public attention to this issue. This moment could be a turning point toward developing local trails and upholding the law, if the community gets together and makes it happen.