ECOs charge hunters with trespassing on nuclear site

WEST MILTON — On Wednesday, Nov. 7, state Department of Environmental Conservation officers in Saratoga County received a tip that some hunters may trespass on federal property the following morning.

ECOs Rob Higgins and Steve Shaw met on the morning of Nov. 8 at the Knolls, Kesselring nuclear site, just outside the Adirondack Park, and set up before daylight. At daylight, three men with rifles were spotted walking down a trail, and the ECOs made their presence known.

All three were charged with possessing firearms afield during the Southern Zone bow season and trespassing on posted property. Charges are pending in the town of Milton court, and additional charges may be filed pending further investigation.

The Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in Niskayuna and Kenneth A. Kesselring Site in West Milton are among the federal labs where nuclear reactors for naval vessels are designed, developed, and tested.