DEC seeks pool owners for invasive species watch

An Asian longhorned beetle (Photo provided — Joe Boggs, Ohio State University)

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is asking pool owners to check their filters for signs of invasive species in an effort to discover infestations early.

The DEC said in a press release last week that “Pool monitoring offers a simple, economical approach to surveying for Asian longhorned beetles and gives the public a chance to take an active role in protecting the trees in their yards and communities.”

Pool owners can send in insects or email pictures of any questionable insects to the DEC for identification.

Asian longhorned beetles are “a wood boring beetle native to Asia that was accidentally introduced to the United States through wood packing materials. These pests attack a variety of hardwoods, including maples, birches, and willows, among others, and have caused the death of hundreds of thousands of trees across the country.”

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