‘There’s nothing like seeing them in person’

Stars on Ice wows audience in Lake Placid

Brent Bommentre swings Kim Navarro completely horizontal. The two time U.S. Figure Skating Championships bronze medal winners skated to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.” (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

LAKE PLACID — Some of the world’s most famous skaters returned to Lake Placid for the 25th anniversary of Stars on Ice, a figure skating extravaganza that always kicks off its tour in Lake Placid.

Hosted by Olympic gold medal winner Kristi Yamaguchi and Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie, the event featured skaters such as Yuka Sato, Ryan Bradley and Kimmie Meisnner, performing Axels, Salchows and backflips.

The 25th anniversary is a return for many fans as well. Lowena Bristol of Canton said this is the fourth Stars on Ice event she’s attended.

“There’s nothing like seeing them in person,” Bristol said. “You watch these skaters on TV, and it’s almost like you know who they are.”

Some standout performances came from Olympic gold medal winners Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Their combined strength and athleticism made for some impressive sights such as when Davis stood on White’s thigh, balancing while she raised her other leg high into the air. The two skated across the ice like two gymnasts.

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi and Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie host the Stars on Ice 25th anniversary at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid Saturday, Dec. 30. (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

The pair of Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre also displayed some amazing feats, At one point Bommentre swung Navarro around by only her ankle. Completely horizontal, that ear-to-ear performer’s smile never left Navarro’s face.

Lauren Garfield, a Yamaguchi fan and employee of the state authority that runs the Olympic Center rinks, said she remembers watching some of the skaters at the Olympics.

“With the Olympic history and the Olympic season coming up,” she said, “it’s exciting to see it all come full circle and have these skaters back in Lake Placid.”

U.S. Figure Skating Championships gold medal winner Ryan Bradley performs a backflip set to Garth Brooks's “Friends in Low Places.” (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate to Samuel Barber's “Adogio for Strings.” (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)