Photos of 2017

Part 1 of 2: Sports

Saranac Lake High School running back Jarrett Ashton keeps pushing the football forward after his helmet was knocked off by a Peru defender Sept. 16. Another photo in this sequence was published on the front page of the Enterprise Sept. 18, but upon further review Enterprise editors decided they liked this one better. (Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)
Sara McKillip, right, and her sister Kaleigh McKillip, hug their father Dave before an October night’s home volleyball match against Peru. Sara McKillip, a 15-year-old sophomore and member of the Blue Bombers volleyball team, had recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was honored with a sea of purple shirts and ribbons worn by players and spectators. Pictured at back is Lake Placid coach Donna Moody hugging Sara McKillip’s mother. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)
Rain forced the postponement of their baseball game, but it didn’t stop these boys from having fun. Enjoying a mud bath on the infield at Rotary Field in Saranac Lake are, clockwise from left, Chayse Delosh, Connor Gillis, Carter Nicastro and Carson St. Louis of the Suburban Propane team. (Photo provided — Shelley St. Louis)
Joyful members of the Saranac Lake Mountaineers ham it up July 30 while celebrating their social division title in the 44th annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament in their hometown — their first-ever Can-Am win. (Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)
Emily DeYoung of the Paul Smith’s College Bobcats competes in the stock saw event on April 22 on her home campus while earning a berth in the women’s timbersports national championships. (Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)

Photos, along with words, are a newspaper’s artistic medium.

The Enterprise has not had a solely designated staff photographer since 2003, yet its staff wins awards for photojournalism every year. It’s part of the culture here in the Enterprise newsroom.

Readers generously let us use their photos as well, and we happily publish their best ones as page 1 centerpieces. A couple of them even made our year-end favorites: one here on this page and one next week. We love being able to do that.

As we do every year, we picked what we think are the best photos of 2017 for a pair of North Country Living pages: We’ll run news and feature photos next Saturday, but this week it’s sports. These shots bring the hard-nosed action of athletics to life, along with the exhilaration, sadness and playfulness. We hope you enjoy them, and we hope readers keep submitting their best shots for publication as well.