ECOs use Facebook to bust illegal hunter in Warren County

State environmental conservation officers responded to a complaint of illegal hunting after photos were posted on Facebook.

The case began in November when ECO Lou Gerrain received a complaint that a Queensbury man had posted photos of two deer he had shot just days apart in the northern hunting zone. On Nov. 12, ECOs Gerrain and Alan Brassard visited the man’s home to find him loading his hunting gear into his vehicle.

When asked where he was going, the man said he was heading out to go hunting, to which ECO Gerrain responded, “Didn’t you already shoot a deer? In fact, didn’t you already shoot two deer?” The subject responded by looking down at his shoes and not saying anything.

ECO Brassard asked to see the man’s hunting license and discovered he was still in possession of both his big game and muzzleloader tags. When asked whose tags he had used to shoot the two deer, the man again looked at his shoes and said that he had used his cousin’s and his father’s.

A total of six violations were issued for illegal taking of a deer, improper tagging of deer, and lending and borrowing tags of another. The man’s father and cousin each paid $100 in fines to Queensbury town court. On Dec. 18, the subject appeared in court and agreed to pay $502.50 in civil penalties.