K&E newsstand building sold

Current owners ready to retire

Karen and Chris Harrington stand in front of the store at 38 Broadway where they’ve worked for two decades. Recently, they sold the building to a restaurateur from Plattsburgh. (Enterprise photo — Glynis Hart)

SARANAC LAKE — A stroll down Broadway is going to be a little different next month, as one business that has been there for decades gives way to another.

K&E Enterprises, where locals stop in to pick up their newspapers, has sold the building to a restaurateur who promises to turn the downstairs store into a sushi bar.

For Karen and Chris Harrington, the sale represents an opportunity to sleep in.

“He works nights,” Karen said. “If it wasn’t for the few days a year we take off, and our annual cruise, he wouldn’t get any time off at all.” Chris Harrington is a corrections officer at the state prison at Ray Brook and also works in the store.

Three decades ago, the store was run by John Magnus, and it was a JC Penney catalog outlet. Karen started working for John after the birth of her son.

“I had postpartum depression,” she said. “So Chris said, you’ve got to go to work. At the time, I was mad at him, but it turned out to be a good thing.”

Some years later, when Magnus retired, Karen bought the business. It’s been a lot of things over the years. When the nearby Snap Shot Photo business closed, the Harringtons bought its processing equipment and went into the picture-developing business. Then Ives McCarty got a notion to go into the skateboard business two years ago, and when he closed, the Harringtons bought him out, too.

The shop, which is next to the Saranac Lake Skatepark, still has a few skateboards and helmets, but they’re going quick.

“The kids know,” said Karen.

A lot of customers have said they’re sad to see them go.

“But, you can’t make a living selling newspapers anymore,” said Chris.

This week the Harringtons were busy packing up shop and cleaning out the garage at home, to have a place to put equipment and inventory from the store.

Their T-shirt business will continue, but they’ll run it out of their home.

“I like designing them,” said Karen.

The new owner has one sushi restaurant in Plattsburgh and intends to open a second one here, she said. Who that will be is uncertain, however. Contacted by this newspaper, staff at neither the Yama Sushi nor Koto Japanese restaurants said they were planning to open a restaurant in Saranac Lake.