Segger bronzed once again

PARK CITY, Utah — USA Luge took a second bronze medal Saturday in the team competition to close the Park City Junior World Cup with a total of ...

Winter is settling in for the season

During the winter season, it often appears as if the Adirondacks are a vast land of ice and snow that will remain locked forever in an eternal ...

The future of the NCCC pool

As director of Cloudsplitter Foundation and a local mom to a very busy 7-year-old, I write this letter in response to the recent article regarding the future of the ...

Plowing, blowing snow into road is illegal

Yes, voter fraud is real

Mountains & Valleys

MOUNTAIN — to Old Mountain Road being officially, legally returned from New York state to the towns of North Elba and Keene. It’s good to have this case closed, ...

Mountains & Valleys

Come on down to local holiday events

The perfect holiday gift

Community needs to help our youth

Should New York state lawmakers’ base salary of $79,500 be raised to $110,000 in 2019, $120,000 in 2020 and $130,000 in 2021, as an appointed panel recently decided?

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