John Duprey wins his third straight Hanmer

Emily Doyle-Shubert, Rye Shubert, Breanna Smith and Harper Smith near the Willard Hanmer finish line on Sunday in Saranac Lake. (Enterprise photo — Parker O’Brien)

SARANAC LAKE — The Willard Hanmer Guideboat and Canoe race took place in Saranac Lake on Sunday.

The event featured more than 70 boats across multiple different classes.

Among the big winners included John Duprey of Saranac Lake, who won his third consecutive one-man guideboat title.

Below are the complete results.


Two-man guideboat

John Homer and Ben Rochon, 26:11.1

Jay Dawson and Curt Reynolds, 26:22.6

Tim Reilly and Joe Bellusio, 26:24.2

John Seaman and Derek Doty, 31:15.1

Trevor Symonds and Hayden Symonds, 34:02.7

Two-woman guideboat

Emily Doyle Shubert and Ashley Doyle, 32:09.2

Bree Smith and Erika Navara, 42:31.9

Mixed guideboat

Chris Dyer and Jennifer Okonuk, 27:05.9

Aric Dicruttalo and Robbin Gannon, 29:37.6

Victor Navara and Dave Smith, 30:33.3

Junior guideboat

Sam Duprey, 9:37.5

Isaac Wendt, 10:40.1

Junior canoe one person

Henry Hann, 16:15.6

Lindsay Williams, 18:18.5

Junior canoe mixed

Harley Prell and Raina Navara, 19:32.8

Junior kayak

Lewis Hann, 12:34.9

Bennett Braunstein, 13:05.5

Women’s stand up paddleboard

Kate Hale, 9:49.9

Cheryl Braunstein, 15:46.4


One-man guideboat

John Duprey, 27:20.2

Benjamin Rochon, 30:54.4

Gabe Woodward, 31:52.2

Trevor Symonds, 32:31.6

Jay Dawson, 32:55.0

John Seaman, 33:08.8

Chris Dyer, 33:58.9

Ben Shubert, 35:19.4

Jared Wendt, 36:25.1

John Homer, 38:54.2

One-woman guideboat

Jennifer Okonuk, 36:01.2

Family guideboat

Scott McKim and Marley McKim, 32:29.7

One-man racing canoe

Shawn Audlin, 34:07.6

Thomas Browne, 35:50.3

Richard Stockwell Jr., 37:05.3

Two-man racing canoe

Max Eaton and Johannes, 24:34:1

Brandon DeVito and Andy Pickreign, 27:33.2

Nathaniel Atkinson and John Papin, 27:35.2

Ian Craig and Jordan Colon, 30:53.2

Ian Hiarich and Isaac Wendt, 33:27.6

One-woman racing canoe

Heather Rudisill, 33:12.2

Nancie Battaglia, 37:43.8

Shannon Morris, 37:58.7

Two-woman racing canoe

Kate Hale and Rebekah Mills 28:11.7

Mixed racing canoe

Dylan Kirk and Becky Sutter, 24:00.3

Mary Kelly and Allen Kelly, 26:08.4

Deb Brax and Claude Roux, 27:12.8

Bill Jamsin and Patti P., 28:08.7

Sarah Carney and Matt Stickland, 28:43.9

Keith Kogut and Alanna Kogut, 28:44.0

Tim Burpoe and Sue Cherny, 30:55.9

Darlene Ploof and Brian Killkelley, 31:25.7

Andy Giafagna and Jean Giafagna, 40:32.7


Jim Suasville, Jennie Suasville, Nick Gouwens and Chris Burnham, 25:25.2

One-man pleasure canoe

Brian Watson, 31:39.3

Jeffrey Braunstein, 35:46.5

David Pollock, 38:07.8

Two-man pleasure canoe

Steve Festin and William Martin, 32:00.2

Mixed pleasure canoe

Drake Bottcher and Clifford Wagner, 34:44.7

Naj Wikoff and Renee Cosgrove, 34:46.8


Mike Ryan, Cory Lement, Cody Clement and Justin Clement, 31:44.1

Matt Dougherty and family, 32:00.1

Joe Traking, Carol Smith and Ray Morris, 32:32.7

Molly, Stephen, Lewis and Henry Hann, 36:57.1

Joe, Anne, Jackson and Linsday Williams, 41:46.5

Ericka, Viktor, Raina and Skylar Navara, 44:54.5

Sacheen Dampier, David, Saxon and Kniva Prell, 47:04.4

Emily Doyle Shubert, Rye Shubert, Breanna Smith and Harper Smith, 52:03.0

One woman-kayak

Elsie Springuel, 30:20.1

Monica Ratliff, 42:44.8

One-man kayak

David Wiltey, 25:33.2

Roger Gocking, 29:18.7

John Marona, 29:22.1

Andy Doherty, 36:17.6

Craftsmanship Award

Jared Wendt built a guideboat that was light, ribs laminated, had extra screws and cherry decks.

Best costume award

Emily Doyle-Shubert, Rye Shubert, Breanna Smith and Harper Smith

An earlier version of this article had the last name “Schubert” instead of Shubert.-


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