Blue Bomber girls runners sweep meet, boys split

Lake Placid’s Kai McKinnon competes in Tuesday’s meet at Mount Van Hoevenberg. (Enterprise photo — Parker O’Brien)

LAKE PLACID — The Lake Placid cross country team held its first home meet of the season at Mount Van Hoevenberg on Tuesday. Despite cold and rainy weather, the Blue Bomber runners faired well with the girls sweeping their meet. The boys split.

Lake Placid head coach Mel Frazer said this is the type of weather her team likes.

“Other teams, not so much, but Lake Placid kids … they like it,” she said.

The Blue Bomber girls topped the Beekmantown Eagles 23-32 and the AuSable Valley Patriots 15-50. On the boys side, Lake Placid scored better than the Patriots, winning 21-36, but fell to the Eagles 23-36.

Lake Placid’s Kai McKinnon took the top spot in the girls race, finishing with a time of 22 minutes, 34 seconds. McKinnon was followed by Beekmantown’s Lexie Rostak (24:32) and Olivia Drowne (25:42).

Lake Placid’s Colin Francis races in Tuesday’s meet at Mount Van Hoevenberg. (Enterprise photo — Parker O’Brien)

“The girls ran nice and tight,” Frazer said. “Kai was up ahead, but my two, three four and five were nice and tight, which is important for good scoring.”

After the two Beekmantown runners crossed the finish line, Lake Placid’s final four girls finished, starting with Holly Erenstone in 26:54, Clara Boutelle in 27:37, Jenna Fay in 27:39 and Harley Cohen in 27:43.

After finishing as the runner-up in last week’s meet in Saranac Lake, the Blue Bombers’ Aidan Fay claimed first in the boys’ race in a time of 18:11.

“Aidan ran smarter this week,” Frazer said. “He let some of the other kids do the pulling, which obviously benefited him.”

When the race started, Fay ran at his own pace, allowing three other runners to take the lead. On the second lap, Fay passed all three runners for the win.

Lake Placid’s Kai McKinnon nears the finish line of Tuesday’s meet at Mount Van Hoevenberg. (Enterprise photo — Eli Stack)

Beekmantown’s Jon Slick (18:36) finished in second and his teammate Nolan Lairdman (18:43). AuSable Valley’s top runner was Kelton Dupuis placing fourth in 19:17. Lake Placid’s Colin Francis was fifth in 19:43.

The Blue Bombers’ Ethan Cash (20:59) finished in ninth place in the boys race. Cash’s teammates Colton Kondrat (23:53) finished in 15th out of 34 boys runners and Jim Gugliemi (24:29) was 17th.

The Lake Placid cross country team will race again next Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at the McComb State Park in Peru. The Blue Bomber boys are currently 4-4, while the girls are 3-4.



Beekmantown 23, Lake Placid 36

Lake Placid 21, AuSable Valley 36

Beekmantown 18, AuSable Valley 43

Beekmantown 15, Moriah/Boquet Valley 50

AuSable Valley 15, Moriah/Boquet Valley 50


Lake Placid 23, Beekmantown 32

Lake Placid 15, AuSable Valley 50

Beekmantown 15, AuSable Valley 50

Beekmantown 15, Moriah/Boquet Valley 50

Individual Results


Aidan Fay (LP), 18:11; J. Slick (BT), 18:36; N. Lairdman (BT), 18:43; K. Dupuis (AV), 19:17; Colin Francis (LP), 19:43; S. Page (BT), 20:10; M. Page (BT), 20:43; H. Miller-Whipple (BT), 20:55; Ethan Cash (LP), 20:59; A. Semeraro (AV), 21:24; L. Strickland (BT), 21:50; H. Chavez (MBV), 22:25; M. Goodwin (BT), 23:43; E. Hoffman (BT), 23:51; Colton Kondrat (LP), 23:53; P. Rabideau (BT), 24:11; Jim Gugliemi (LP), 24:29; A. Mulvey (AV), 24:37; O. Pray (AV), 24:46; Sean Roth (LP), 24:49; M. Thomas (BT), 25:43; R. Bell-Carter (BT), 25:43; Jesse Carlson (LP), 26:17; C. Horton (BT), 26:21; C. Recor (BT), 26:55; A. Yelle (BT), 27:00; L. Dearborn (BT), 28:48; Robert Bowen (LP), 30:54; Calvin Branchaud (LP), 31:36; M. Morin (MBV), 31:41; T. Fisher (MBV), 31:49; M. Fountain (BT), 33:13; A. Swetson (AV), 34:30; K. Smith (MBV), 53:54.


Kai McKinnon (LP), 22:34; L. Rostak (BT), 24:32; O. Drowne (BT), 25:42; Holly Erenstone (LP), 26:54; Clara Boutelle (LP), 27:37; Jenna Fay (LP), 27:39; Harley Cohen (LP), 27:43; C. Benware (BT), 28:01; S. Welch (BT), 28:03; H. Porter (BT), 28:06; E. Pelkey (AV), 28:39; Karissa (MBV), 29:17; O. Burin (BT), 30:39; A. Gravat (AV), 31:20; R. Coupal (BT), 31:35; K. Jewell (BT), 31:35; L. Tybndis (MBV), 31:43; A. Cota (MBV) 31:53; J. Robinson (BT), 32:22; K. Warren (BT), 32:37; S. Rey-Winner (BT), 35:38; M. Perry (AV), 35:56; K. Bishop (BT), 36:39; J. Hart (AV), 44:14.

Saranac Lake

The Saranac Lake boys and girls cross country teams suffered their first loss of the season on Tuesday.

Racing at Fort Ticonderoga, the Red Storm boys fell to the Saranac Central Spartans 24-31 and topped the Ticonderoga Sentinels 15-50. In the girls race, the Spartans edged out Saranac Lake 26-29, while the Red Storm beat 15-50. Both Saranac Lake squads fall to 6-1.

The Red Storm’s Jake Kollmer was the first across the line in the boys race, clocking a finish time of 17:01. He was followed by Saranac Central runners Andrew Denial (17:06), Sean Dormann (18:16) in third and Noah Thayer (18:32) in fourth. Saranac Lake’s Sam Madden (18:33) was fifth and teammate Sam Bickford placed sixth in 18:48.

After two more Spartans runners crossed to seal the victory, the Red Storm’s Liam Fletcher (19:42) and Jonah Seleni (19:44) crossed the finish line before Ticonderoga had its first runner.

In the girls race, Saranac Central’s Laura Denial was the overall winner, finishing in 20:20.1. Denial’s teammate Sienna Boulds (20:49) followed in second and the Sentinels’ Avery Blanchard (20:58) was third.

Saranac Lake’s trio of Phoebe Peer, Astacia Bruno and Addison Ash followed the top three. Peer place fourth in 21:35, Bruno was fifth in 21:53 and Ash earned sixth in 22:45.

The Spartans had two more runners finish before Saranac Lake’s Cadence Kennedy (23:20) placed ninth and Nelle Aaron (23:39) finished in 10th.

Saranac Lake will race again next Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Plattsburgh State Field House.



Saranac Central 24, Saranac Lake 31

Saranac Lake 15, Ticonderoga 50

Saranac Central 15, Ticonderoga 50


Saranac Central 26, Saranac Lake 29

Saranac Lake 20, Ticonderoga 43

Saranac Central 18, Ticonderoga 45

Individual Results


Jake Kollmer (SL), 17:01; A. Denial (SC), 17:06.6; S. Dormann (SC), 18:16; N. Thayer (SC), 18:32.6; Sam Madden (SL), 18:33.4; Sam Bickford (SL), 18:48.3; J. Lynch (SC), 19:28.5; G. Hamel (SC), 19:40.4; Liam Fletcher (SL), 19:42.5; Jonah Seleni (SL), 19:44.3; C. Facteau (TI), 19:53.8; Alex Evans (SL), 20:02.7; O. Porter (TI), 20:10; S. Prial (SC), 20:14.8; Emmett VanBuskirk (SL), 20:16.5; I. Burke (TI), 20:17.9; Sage Kite-Whidden (SL), 20:25.3; Max Hall (SL), 20:36.4; B. Leerkes (TI), 20:46.9; E. Coffman (TI), 20:48.6; M. Michalak (TI), 20:55; E. Barnes (SC), 20:57.2; C. Mack (TI), 21:16.5; C. Moore (TI), 21:34.3; Austin Shoemaker (SL), 21:56.4; B. Boissery (SC), 22:31.1; Sam Clark (SL), 23:03; D. Breen (SC), 23:14; S. Sutphen (TI), 24:37.8; Keaton Daly (SL), 25:30.9; S. Pelkey (SC), 30:28.2; C. DeCarlo (SC), 32:35.8; I. Ortiz (TI), 32:44.2; L. Donohue (TI), 34:45; L. Prial (SC), 34:55; F. Kelley (SC), 36:45.


L. Denial (SC), 20:20.1; S. Boulds (SC), 20:49; A. Blanchard (TI), 20:58; Phoebe Peer (SL), 21:35.7; Astacia Bruno (SL), 21:53.2; Addison Ash (SL), 22:45; N. Mesec (SC), 26:56; G. Minor (SC), 23:15.4; Cadence Kennedy (SL), 23:20.8; Nelle Aaron (SL), 23:39; M. Dennis (SC), 24:06.8; M. Thayer (SC), 24:39.3; H. Hamel (SC), 25:02.8; H. Porter (TI), 25:06; A. Parent (TI), 25:39.3; Lila Zoebel (SL), 26:09.9; H. Sutohen (TI), 26:54.3; Zoe Carpenter (SL), 26:57.6; E. Charboneau (TI), 27:12.4; M. Lenden (TI), 27:25.2; Maggie Reed (SL), 30:41.7; A. Cook (TI), 33:41; Lauryn Caldwell (SL), 33:46.


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