Runners take on Olga races

Jared Whalen nears the finish line behind the Hotel Saranac to win the men’s 10-kilometer race at the 22nd annual Olga Memorial Footrace on Saturday in Saranac Lake. (Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)

SARANAC LAKE — Runners and walkers of all ages turned out for the annual Olga Memorial Footrace on the streets of Saranac Lake on Saturday.

The majority of participants took on the 5-kilometer distance, with 25 men and 29 women completing the run course that started at Berkeley Green and finished behind Hotel Saranac. Nathaniel Byrnes was the overall winner of the 5K race with a time of 17 minutes, 42 seconds. He was trailed by Chris McGlynn (18:03), Elijah Byrnes (19:30) and Haley Fremante (19:35), who was the first female to cross the line.

Jared Whalen won 10K race in 39:34, while Mary Kate Howard was second in 41:13 and Daniel Horan was third in 41:26.

Maria DeAngelo was the fastest walker of the day, completing the 5K course in 37:34. She was one of 10 walkers in the race.

The Olga Memorial Footrace was hosted by the Rotary Club of Saranac Lake and the Saranac Lake Youth Center. Proceeds from the race benefit local youth through increased programming at the Saranac Lake Youth Center and enhancement of the Rotary’s literacy program that intends to put a book in the hands of every child in the elementary school.

Mary Kate Howard closes in on the finish line to take the women’s 10k title in Saturday’s 22nd Olga Memorial Footrace in Saranac Lake. (Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)

The following are full results from Saturday’s races:

Olga Memorial Footrace

Saturday’s Results

5K Walk


Frank Shipman 44:48

Neil Galanti 60:00

Flynn Shipman 62:33

Bob Ross 69:20

Jim Rothschild 69:20

Matthew Paul DNF


Maria DeAngelo 37:34

Lenora Shoemaker 60:00

Patricia O’Gorman 62:31

Vida Rothschild 62:32

5K Run


Nathaniel Byrnes 17:42

Chris McGlynn 18:03

Elijah Byrnes 19:30

Daniel Edelstein 20:24

Colter Cheney-Seymour 21:00

Aiden Hesseltine 22:18

Paul McGlynn 23:08

Curtis Byrnes 23:09

Tom Hesseltine 24:45

James Ohlsten 25:48

Rob Major 25:58

Robert Sand 26:05

Jim Lofthouse 26:41

Chad Sherman 26:46

Jim Reinhard 27:00

Jon Fremante 27:50

Shawn O’ Connor 28:32

Austin Shoemaker 29:31

Andrew Varner 30:09

Brad Varner 30:10

Vernon McNeil 30:17

Evan Ohlsten 31:32

Tom Kalaris 32:54

Mark Carter 35:04

Jonathan Kronstadt 39:31

Dane VanNosdeln DNS


Haley Fremante 19:35

Bess Denne 23:47

Emily Buckley 24:31

Ann Marenick 24:44

Aliana Hart 25:20

Kristine Byrnes 25:46

Naomi Sand 25:49

Alanna Winchell 25:59

Catherine Cole 26:04

Lara Lyeth 28:51

Juli Galanti 29:33

Sara Ellis 31:15

Jen Kretser 32:02

Amy Cheney-Seymour 32:02

Laurie Sadove 33:24

Donna Farrell-Wilson 33:30

Laurie George 33:33

Nicole Balk 33:35

Megan Beckwith 33:36

Lisa O’Connor 34:19

Peggy Sand 34:33

Sarah Shoemaker 36:02

Katrina Fox 36:05

Deb Brown 36:07

Debra Stover 36:51

Morgan Paul 37:21

Nicole Starrett 38:56

Alison Kronstadt 41:23

Lisa Meissner 43:28

Jenny VanNosdeln DNS

10K Run


Jared Whalen 39:34

Daniel Horan 41:26

Cisco Delliquardi 43:48

Max Kronstadt 47:30

David Hayes 48:37

Ward King 52:28

Christian Verzosa 54:33

Caleb Shoemaker 58:33

Joe Shoemaker 58:33

Max Paul 65:35


Mary Kate Howard 41:13

Kathryn Pulley 47:16

Caroline Dodd 47:57

Katherine Kalaris 48:20

Heidi Holderied 49:30

Elizabeth Trachte 54:32

Susan Hooker 55:23

Nancie Battaglia 55:50

Susan Stevens 56:48

Jennifer Starrett 61:10

Kathleen Morse 66:50