Time trials wrap for season

Kim Maguire rides along Riverside Drive in Lake Placid during the final Placid Planet Time Trials race of the season Wednesday. For photos of all the racers who competed Wednesday, go to cu.adirondackdailyenterprise.com. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

LAKE PLACID — The annual Placid Planet Time Trials series wrapped up its seven-week season Wednesday night, as more than 30 bicycle riders took part in the free race.

The time trials took place on Riverside Drive in Lake Placid, and riders completed a roughly 8-mile out-and-back. Competitors had a staggered start and raced only against the clock, but also accumulated points that were totaled to determine series winners.

Although the series is traditionally six weeks long with races each Wednesday, this year a seventh race was added.

For the women, Kim Maguire led the way with 16 points, good enough for first overall in the series. She was followed by Caitlyn Skufka with 12 points in second place and Mary Agnes Pellitieri with 11 points.

Things were a little tighter on the men’s side with each of the top three riders tied and awards shared by six men.

Placid Planet co-owner Kenny Boettger announces the winners of the weekly time trial series Wednesday evening in Lake Placid. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

In third, Eric Adsit and Karl Zaunbrecher each had 11 points. Second place was shared by Nick Selini and Don Rumble with 12 points apiece and first place was captured by Dan Reilly and Jim Walker, each with 13 points.

Maguire, who moved to the area from Syracuse last year, said the time trials have helped both physically and socially.

“It feels great; I just started doing the time trials last year,” Maguire said. “It’s just nice to be able to get out there and do this every week. Last year I was second behind Caitlyn (Skufka). She’s a good competitor, and I was glad to take this from her.

“Last year was kind of to meet people; this year I’m training for Ironman Lake Placid so it has definitely helped in training. I knew Caitlyn coming into it, but I’ve definitely met a lot of other riders. When I moved here, I didn’t know anybody. It’s a good community up here.”

Organizer and Placid Planet co-owner Kenny Boettger said he holds the races mainly because they’re fun.

“We’ve had probably over 60 different people who did it,” he said. “We were only lower than 20 (riders) once, and we were over 30 a couple times.

“It’s fun. People enjoy it, and it promotes cycling in the area. We do have primarily locals, but we do have some people come in from out of town — although they just happen to be in town. Probably about 60% (use the races to train), but about 40% just do it because it’s there. A lot of people don’t do any other competitive-type stuff.”

Wednesday’s results

Bill McGreevy 17:03

Jim Walker 17:15

Jake Steinfeld 17:58

Colin Delaney 18:00

Nick Selini 18:05

Mark Mehler 18:47

Jeff Erenstone 18:59

Eric Kreckel 19:17

Jason Amoriel 19:19

Loring Porter 19:56

Caitlyn Skufka 20:34

Kim Maguire 20:35

Eric Adist 20:38

Dan Reilly 20:47

Mark Brooks 21:12

Karl Zaunbrecher 21:44

Dave Smith 21:57

Darci Lafave 22:04

Jeff Prime 22:30

John Stack 22:40

Susan Stevens 24:21

Rolland Guay 24:29

Roger Gocking 24:44

Steve Short 24:44

Pete Benon 25:00

Chris Jacob 25:00

Billy Whitney 25:12

Phil Gallo 26:02

Aggie Pelletieri 27:04

Don Rumble 32:23

Vic Kraus 35:35