Runners take on mountain course

Matt Cook and his dog make their way up the trail at the start of the Mountaineer gear store’s annual trail run Saturday. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

KEENE VALLEY — The Mountaineer gear store’s annual Great Adirondack Trail Run drew just about a hundred trail runners to the two runs in Keene Valley on Saturday.

More than 60 people took part in the 11.5-mile long run, while more than three dozen did the 3.5-mile “fun run.”

The long run goes up the back side of Hopkins Mountain and then down to Keene Valley with nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain. The fun run started across the street from the Baxter Mountain Tavern at The Mountaineer store.

Matthew Harrison was the overall winner of the long run, finishing in 1 hour, 44 minutes and 20 seconds. He was followed by Nick Arndt (1:44:54) and Matthew Daly (1:54:23). Megan Papineau (2:20:44) led the women in the race and was followed by Bekkah Bond (2:21:44) and Rebecca Hamel (2:24:14).

In the shorter run, Noah El Rimawi-Fine (23 minutes, 29 seconds) was the fastest man and the overall winner, while Lucy Hockschartner (26:48) was the fastest woman and third overall. Andy Wekin (25:27) came in second for the men while Patrick Daly (27:13) was third. Jackie Garso (27:51) came in second for the women and was followed by Nina Armstrong (28:07).

Amy Cornelius starts the Great Adirondack Trail Run on the Owls Head Lookout trail between Keene and Elizabethtown on Saturday morning. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

The trail run is a fundraiser for the AuSable and Boquet river associations and is sponsored by Patagonia, Salomon, Julbo, La Sportiva, Vasque, Darn Tough, Montrail, OR, Trail Runner Magazine and the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery.

Great Adirondack Trail Run

Saturday’s Results

11.5 miles

Tyler Nichols is all smiles early on during the 11.5-mile Great Adirondack Trail Run on Saturday. (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

Matthew Harrison 1:44:20

Nick Arndt 1:44:54

Matthew Daly 1:54:23

Van Ledger 1:58:05

Michael Skutt 2:05:37

Dylan Cohen 2:09:05

Brian Woods 2:09:22

David Riihimaki 2:12:00

Jason Fiegl 2:14:49

Matt Cook 2:18:15

Kolby Ziemendorf 2:19:31

Megan Papineau 2:20:44

Bekkah Bond 2:21:44

Benno Rawlin 2:21:47

Rebecca Hamel 2:24:14

Travis Money 2:24:30

Matt Hosmer 2:24:47

Chris Fey 2:24:52

Zac Wasielewski 2:25:35

Tom Palen 2:26:15

Sarah Dean 2:26:16

Rob Macdougall 2:28:17

Tyler Nichols 2:28:32

Max Flanigan 2:29:25

Laura Tuttle 2:30:21

Lynn Palen 2:31:48

Catherine Ziemendorf 2:32:21

Woody Snell 2:32:29

Hannah Grall 2:33:32

Andrea Farrell 2:35:02

Becky Johnson 2:38:25

Kris Boettcher 2:40:02

Jay Whitbourne 2:42:53

Lance Bradley 2:47:03

Logan Bradley 2:47:03

Teresa Cheetham Palen 2:47:07

Shannon Pinkoylski 2:47:11

Aaron Pommer 2:47:46

Cameron Taylor 2:48:45

Henry Cumoletti 2:51:26

Chris Duca 2:54:56

Mel Frazer 2:54:56

Amy Cornelius 2:55:49

Stefan Kloppenburg 2:59:26

Kelly Piotrowski 3:01:49

Heather Odell-Fey 3:03:34

Justyna Babcock 3:04:13

Shannon Eaton 3:05:38

Jacob Sparks 3:09:09

Neil Wheelwright 3:14:56

Tony Waickman 3:17:40

Hal Coghill 3:18:12

Tom Toole 3:23:46

Olivia Dwyer 3:27:37

Marc Scrivener 3:35:08

Brenda Marchewka 3:41:20

Ben Coble 3:48:51

Megan Gasper 3:50:40

Charlie Eaton 4:06:11

Emily Russell 4:15:14

Brian Mann 4:15:15

Sarah Roth 4:17:41

Monique Wicks 4:17:41

Win Nichols 4:57:13

3.5 miles

Noah El Rimawi-Fine 23:29

Andy Wekin 25:27

Lucy Hochschartner 26:48

Patrick Daly 27:13

Joe Merrihew 27:17

Jackie Garso 27:51

Nina Armstrong 28:07

Karsten Beckmann 29:10

Erik Jezek 29:47

Sean Daly 30:32

Aisha Young 31:00

Alexander Terry 31:52

Brad Reilly 32:23

Sarah Governak 32:25

Emily Tassinari 32:43

Max Fey 33:46

John Snyder 33:51

Annie Preston 34:07

Regina Roden 34:33

Tim Singer 35:00

Katie Moffett 36:01

Tony Martini 37:59

Stephan Zink 38:40

Dre Roebuck 39:14

Anya Johnson 39:22

Matt Johnson 39:22

Stephanie Lylis 40:35

Benjamin Blugh 40:41

Cindy Woods Garso 41:58

Winnie Simpson 42:00

Kathleen Wiley 43:45

Charles McGuire 46:20

Anika Gronski 47:40

David Brainard 48:53

Rebecca Widener 51:50

Anya Kazmierczak 55:38

Jen Kazmierczak 55:48

Lisa Toole 1:06:40


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