Tupper track has lofty goals for spring season

Tupper Lake track and field team (Enterprise photo — Justin A. Levine)

TUPPER LAKE — The Tupper Lake track and field team may lack in numbers, but it has experience in spades.

With cross-country running and indoor track coach Amy Farrell back at the helm after an 11-year break, many of the students on the track and field team are entering their third straight season under Farrell’s tutelage.

“It’ll just be fun to have a short season; we’re competing a lot,” Farrell said. “Hopefully the weather cooperates. It’s my third season of the year, so I’m just hoping to have some fun with the kids. We have some kids that have never run before, so we’re just going to try and have fun with it and expose them to track.

“The last couple outdoor seasons, there haven’t been a whole bunch of boys. It’s kind of good for them because I can put them in a wide variety of events so they can try a whole bunch of things without the pressure of team scoring.”

Farrell and Hannah Klossner coached cross-country in the fall and then indoor track over the winter and are now glad to be outside again.

“It’s nice to finally be outdoors with them, where we’ll be able to really specifically train for certain races,” Farrell said. “So I’m really excited about that.”

Farrell added that some of the athletes have set lofty goals for themselves this season.

“For the girls, Sophia Martin is probably our top runner,” Farrell said. “Hannah Klossner is our other coach, and she has a ton of experience with field events so I think the two of us working with Sophia is exciting. Sandra Kwasniak has been with us all year, so we’re glad to work with her. I’m going to try and get her to do the steeplechase.

“She’s a hurdler and does cross-country, and the last time I coached outdoor (track) we had a steeplechase state champ. I’m excited to have some kids that will be able to do that.”

Steeplechase is an event that combines distance running with hurdles, and a water pit that serves as an obstacle within the race course.

“For boys, Aaron Clark just competed at states for indoor,” she said. “And there’s a ton more events he can do outdoors. And Patrick Cote, we’re going to break five minutes in the mile.

“And Connor Jessie is a really good jumper and sprinter that we’re excited to be outdoors with.”