Trump gets righteous wrong

To the editor:

Four days after Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business records to cover up a payoff to a porn star, the former president was interviewed on Fox and Friends. When asked “What’s your relationship with God like and how do you pray?” — Trump talked about his adoring Evangelical Christians supporters and the godless people who are prosecuting him.

Then the self-described “very stable genius” and Bible salesman informed us why we should strive to lead righteous lives: “Religion is such a great thing … It keeps you, you know, there’s something to be good about. You want to be good; you want to … It’s so important. And I don’t know if it’s explained. Right. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right now, but when you have something like that, you want to be good. You want to go to heaven, okay? You want to go to heaven…If you don’t have heaven, you almost say, ‘Oh, what’s the reason?’ … Why do I have to be good? Let’s not be good. What difference does it make?'”

This is Trump in a nutshell (pun intended). Why would people do anything good unless there’s a reward for their behavior? He’s told us this before. Military personnel killed in this nation’s wars were “suckers” and “losers.” They sacrificed their lives for country and freedom — and there was nothing in it for them.

Trump’s scrambled view of the world is matched by his morally bankrupt interpretation of why we should strive to live virtuous lives.

George J. Bryjak



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