We must accept the verdict in Trump trial

To the editor:

The verdict will be coming soon.

The trial of Donald J. Trump regarding the falsification of business records will be going to the jury next week. This is an historic case only because it is the first time that a former president has been charged with a criminal action and has been brought to trial. As in any criminal case, the prosecution has presented its case outlining why the actions were criminal and offered both verbal testimony and documentation to support the charges. The defense has offered their testimony to try to defend the actions of Mr. Trump and plead his innocence. Both sides will offer a summation early next week and then the case will go to the jury.

As in virtually every case that goes to trial, there are people with strong opinions as to the innocence or guilt of the party charged. The challenge for the jury is to make a decision based only on the evidence and defense presented at the trial. Their decision will be based on our system of laws that ask a jury of peers to make the decision. Some of us will be happy if the decision is guilt others will be happy if the decision is for acquittal. Regardless of the outcome however we have to remember that Mr. Trump like any other defendant has been given “his day in court” and has been offered every opportunity to defend himself that is available to each of us. In our system, no person is above the law and all are treated as equal by the system. It therefore behooves us all to accept the decision of the jury whether we agree with it or not. As in any case, if the defendant feels that the decision was arrived at for the wrong reason(s), they can appeal but they cannot simply reject the decision.

It will be a time for us all to move on and accept the outcome.

David G. Welch, MD

Lake Placid


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