Stop development of Glenview Preserve

To the editor:

When do we stop developing trails in the Adirondack Park? Why do we have New York taxpayer dollars, $100,000, going to fund private not-for-profit land trusts, like the Adirondack Land Trust?

Currently, the new 34-mile recreational Rail Trail, built at a cost of $34 million, is another developed area, currently (Phase 1) with some 10 miles or more of compacted stone or pavement. What about the Visitor Interpretive Center at Paul Smith’s College, 10 minutes from Glenview? This accommodates people of all ages, people of all mobilities and people of all comfort levels that enjoy the great outdoors. The Wild Center in Tupper Lake may be farther away but has garnered national recognition as a recreational facility.

On March 28, 2023, the ALT held a community meeting displaying the proposed architectural rendition of the development of Glenview. Prior to the meeting, the ALT conducted a weeklong online survey. There were 75 positive responses for developing Glenview.

On April 11, 2023, the public requested another poll conducted by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. The results registered 406 votes: No, 227 votes, 56%; Yes, as proposed, 108 votes, 27%; Yes, but with changes to plans, 37 votes, 9%; Undecided, 34 votes, 8%.

This was conducted over a year ago. Perhaps time for a new poll.

In the four-month period after the meeting, a protest petition was circulated, collecting 552 signatures of locals and tourists of all ages against any development of Glenview. It should be left as it is, mowed and left without man-made structures. We have the hard copies for documentation.

After contacting the state Department of Transportation, they have recorded on state Route 86, 149 accidents and one fatality in recent history, between Donnelly’s Ice Cream stand and Gabriels. It is our unanimous opinion that reducing the speed limit, as the ALT proposes, will not be effective in preventing future accidents at their planned entry to Glenview.

If this project moves forward with their proposed parking lot of 16 spaces for cars, campers and trailers, what happens when it’s overflowing, like the similar half-acre of cars, campers and trailers from Donnelly’s Ice Cream stand? We already experience this traffic from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Give them five years, 10 years, how big will it grow, gradually?

When is enough enough? What will our future generations think of this irresponsible generation? What have we done to our corner of the planet? It’s time to stop!

Eileen D. Jauch

Saranac Lake


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