Hope for NY-21

To the editor:

Chins up, my friends! We have a hard-working, practical candidate running for Congress in our rural NY-21 district! Her name is Paula Collins, a successful attorney, former Special Ed teacher and loving mother. She meets every important standard as an honest, highly ethical, caring candidate for our district!

Some of Paula’s voiced priorities include:

1. Providing a sensible immigration policy that offers a pathway for hardworking, law-abiding families/workers while keeping out criminals

2. Providing broadband expansion to connect the North Country with schools and jobs

3. Renewing the 2018 Farm Bill to provide crop insurance, accountability in dairy farm reports and food sustainability

4. Making sure Congressional monies for all-important infrastructure actually make it back to our district to truly benefit our citizens and

5. Supporting fair-minded small-business owners that in turn will help grow a stronger middle-class economy.

Paula accurately states that “We sent Elise Stefanik to Congress to change Washington, but Washington changed her” instead! Well, folks, Paula now provides us with options/choice so that Stefanik is not the only candidate available to vote for! How exciting and positive is this? Very! We now have the ability to rid ourselves of a congresswoman who is an echo of the MAGA group; one who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; one who only pretends to care for its North Country’s citizens. The North Country deserves so much more, and now we have the chance to do something about it.

Vote Paula Collins for new leadership, positive energy and promise of a better future!

Kelli Samson



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