Garwood is right choice for SL school board

To the editor:

I am writing to express my strong support for Garwood’s candidacy for the Saranac Lake school board. As a resident of this community and a parent myself, I believe Garwood embodies the dedication, experience, and passion necessary to serve effectively on the board.

Garwood’s background as a former classroom teacher and his current role as a special education instructor at the University of Vermont uniquely positions him to understand the needs of students and educators alike. His commitment to supporting youth extends beyond the classroom, evident in his involvement in coaching youth basketball and flag football. This hands-on experience gives him valuable insight into our children’s challenges and opportunities academically and athletically.

Furthermore, Garwood’s three years of service on the board have been marked by thoughtful leadership and a steadfast commitment to the community. He has successfully navigated complex policy challenges, maintained fiscal responsibility, and championed initiatives such as the creation of a new Red Storm mascot. His ability to collaborate effectively with fellow board members and stakeholders demonstrates his capacity to lead with integrity and vision.

As a parent of four children, Garwood has a personal stake in the success of our schools. His dedication to ensuring that every child receives a quality education is evident in his advocacy for policies that promote equity and inclusion. I have no doubt that Garwood will continue to prioritize the needs of students and families if elected to another term on the board.

In conclusion, I urge my fellow community members to join me in supporting Garwood for the Saranac Lake School Board. His experience, passion, and commitment to youth make him the ideal candidate to help shape the future of our schools and our community. Sincerely,

Matthew and Mary Dougherty

Saranac Lake


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