Garwood for school board

To the editor:

Justin Garwood has been a great addition to the Saranac Lake Board of Education for the last term and I support his re-election. Justin has the experience, education and knowledge to help guide the district over the next three years.

During his first term, he helped to navigate the school through the coronavirus pandemic, advocating for in-person instruction and helping to minimize lost learning time for students. In addition, he has served on the policy subcommittee to update all district policies to ensure the policies were in line with best practices for the school and the learning environment. Justin works hard to ensure fiscal responsibility within the district and understands how it impacts the district’s ability to afford future capital improvements. He worked on the committee to develop the new school mascot. In his personal time, Justin is dedicated to providing unique opportunities to children in the area. He spearheaded a group that developed a successful girls’ basketball camp in Saranac Lake last summer. The camp will be offered again this summer.

Justin is quick to respond to emails or phone calls, even returning a phone call from his hospital room following a surgical procedure. He is a dedicated member of the school board and is committed to ensuring all of the children in the district receive the best possible experience. He will continue this hard work and dedication during a second term.

Laura Holmes

Physical therapist

Saranac Lake


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