Applause for the Dance Sanctuary

To the editor:

I was in the auditorium. Lots of people. Lots of energy. I was taking in how pleasant it was to be able to have that many folks together in a room again, humid or not.

Sparkly outfit. Applause. Gratitudes. Music. Beats.

“What would we all be doing right now, at this moment, if The Dance Sanctuary had not landed, like some rare and wonderful bird, in Saranac Lake,” I pondered like a constellation.

Every wonder what you’d be doing if you had decided to __________ instead of __________? #IfThatMakesSense.

Where/how else can hundreds of people from varied backgrounds and opinions (a lot of opinions these days, some not so rare and wonderful) get together to support joy, expression, togetherness and love?

Yes, Winter Carnival is a celebration, but it sometimes comes with potions and elixirs and broadcasts, so to speak, that isn’t anywhere near the same as those brave kids and adults being vulnerable enough to DANCE in front of their friends, family and strangers. Strangers who become friends.

It’s pure and uncompromised. I don’t think you can manipulate doing dance moves, right? #YaKindaNeedToKnowThem #CantFakeItTilYaMakeIt #HowDidyaDoThat?

Then Wonka showed up!

“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination,” Mr. Wilder talked/sang. And off we went into that very world of pure imagination. I was sent somewhere near the ceiling to watch the snow from above.

Thank you Dance Sanctuary! Again, and again, and again and again. Seeing my daughters over the years become more confident in who they are, how they look and how they feel about this sometimes/all the time confusing, chaotic world isn’t something I want to imagine not being there, and guess what?

I don’t!

You all make it look like “there’s nothing to it …”


Jason Smith

The one with more gray hair

Saranac Lake


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