What went right

To the editor:

Today the Earth turned on its axis, and in many places the sun shone. There were places that needed rain and got it. Food was harvested and brought to markets and stores. Birds in the northern hemisphere sang for spring. A pair of cardinals did a mating dance on the back deck. My daughter did her homework. A cat kneaded a man’s belly and purred. A dog joyfully chased a stick. A house was built. Papers were signed and someone got their first home. Jellyfish glowed blue in the deep ocean darkness.

People smiled at me as I walked down the sidewalk. My lunch was delicious and more than adequate. People with different political views said hi to each other and chatted about the weather. Some politicians worked to do what they thought would make people’s lives better. Some of our tax money went to educate children. Someone learned how to read and found a new world open to them. Many people let go of their addictions. Someone who wanted to end their life found a reason to live. Couples fell in love. Two friends shared an hour over a cup of coffee. Hundreds of babies were born healthy. Hundreds of elementary school children swung from the monkey bars and laughed.

I often think about what causes the political differences that divide us these days, seemingly more than ever before. And it occurred to me that one cause is that many of us focus on all that is wrong: the strife, the cost of eggs, the crisis at the southern border. Yes, it was a horrible day in many places. People and animals suffered and many died. We must not ignore the bad, and we should work to make it better, but it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the pain in the world, and then shut down or get angry and blame each other. If we remember all that went right today, all that was beautiful — the bouquet of tulips gently opening on the kitchen table, the crocuses popping up their purple heads through the snow — then we may be able to see what is right and beautiful in each other.

Shir Filler



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