Trump blares false witness

To the editor:

It’s pathetically ironic that Donald Trump, among the most vile creatures to walk this Earth, is selling Bibles — the teachings of one of the most notable individuals who ever lived. Trump stated that “All Americans need a Bible in their home … It’s my favorite book.”

Trump would have us picture him seated in a rocking chair reading passages from “the good book,” then incorporating these teaching into his values and behavior.

In reality Trump has repeatedly broken most — if not all — the 10 Commandments and is the poster child for the Seven Deadly Sins: vainglory or pride, greed, envy, lust, gluttony, wrath or anger and sloth (defined as the “culpable lack of physical or spiritual effort.”)

As editorial cartoonist David Horsey notes, Trump has made a career (and a great deal of money) convincing “legions of suckers” to buy into his schemes from Trump University and Trump charities to tens of thousands of people chipping in to pay his legal bills. The Wall Street Journal notes there are hundreds of allegations of Trump refusing to pay workers and contractors money they are owed.

Trump has referred to military veterans as “suckers and losers,” one can only imagine what he thinks of the people who purchase his “God Bless the USA” Bible. He must laugh himself to sleep.

All this reminds me of Mercedez Benz (1970) by Janis Joplin. Today she might sing it thusly: “Oh Lord, won’t you save us from the Orange Buffoon — before he takes us to the end times, destruction and gloom.”

George J. Bryjak



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