In support of APA’s proposed move to Saranac Lake

To the editor:

Dear Gov. Kathy Hochul,

The undersigned Saranac Lake residents are writing to express our enthusiastic support for the proposed relocation of the Adirondack Park Agency’s headquarters to a new location in the village of Saranac Lake.

As residents of the Adirondack Park, we believe that this project will have a positive impact on our region and support the Adirondack Park Agency’s overall mission and long-term vision. Highlighted below are some of the positive benefits we believe this project possesses.

— Having a state agency as an anchor on our Main Street will enhance and support the goals of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Staff and visitors to the APA will put “feet on the street” adding vitality to the downtown.

— Adaptive reuse of an older building will improve energy efficiencies and have fewer environmental impacts than constructing a new one. This project will be a model for green building techniques and fit into our goal of becoming a climate smart community.

— It is an excellent example of state and local government working together with the opportunity to share services and potentially partner on the village’s planned geothermal project.

— Revitalizing this highly underutilized historic building, combined with the inclusion of additional parking spaces, will benefit downtown Saranac Lake.

— It will make the APA more accessible and visible and provide opportunities for the agency to educate the public about the park and the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Overall, we strongly believe that the APA relocation to Saranac Lake is a sensible, prudent and progressive initiative. We have full confidence that this proposed project aligns perfectly with the needs and values of the Adirondack Park Agency, the Village of Saranac Lake, and our regional community.

We are grateful for the efforts of local officials, community leaders and the Adirondack Park Agency, who have worked diligently to develop this project and ensure its success. Their dedication is a testament to the positive change this initiative will bring to our region.

Thank you for considering our appeal and for your ongoing commitment to the Adirondack Park. Respectfully,

Jimmy Williams, Melinda Little, Tom Michael, Clyde Rabideau, Stacey Allott, Bill Madden, Howard Riley, Amy Catania, Kelly Brunette, John T. Williams, Adam S. Harris, Leslie Karasin, Jeremy Evans, Jeff Denkenberger, Mindy Audlin, Deborah Beairsto, Lindy Ellis, Rich Shapiro, Tom Catillaz, Jen Tissot, Emily Fogarty, Jack Fogarty, Gail Rogers Rice, Joe Maiurano, Matthew G. Scollin, Wayne Feinberg, Margaret Wiltberger, Ollie Burgess, James Murnane, Erin Tobin, Janet Simkins, Mark Simkins, Joseph Shoemaker, Aurora White, David White, Stephen Perepeluk, Rachel Karp, Gabrielle Bevilacqua, Clifford Beairsto, Jasen Lawrence, Terry Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Caldwell, Andrew Milne, Ashley Milne, Chad McCarthy, Jason Brill, Clyde Baker, Chessie Monks-Kelly, Suzanne M. Rice, Seamus Lewis, Franny Preston, Eric Olsen, Helene Gibbens, Laurie Hall, Henry G. Jakobe, Jr., Eric Bennett, Shaun Kittle, Kathleen Bonavist, Colleen M. Olson, Karen L. Lewis, Mary Agnes Pelletieri and Kirk Sullivan


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