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To the editor:

In 2010, my husband and I were new to St. Lawrence County when I spotted a newspaper ad for the St. Lawrence Leadership Institute (SLLI) … my curiosity as a North Country newcomer, even though at the time I worked in Pennsylvania, led me to sign up for the Institute.

I scheduled my stays up north around the Institute sessions. It was a great introduction to issues, organizations, and leaders in St. Lawrence County. Attending helped me to understand those issues unique to the county and to find my way to destinations around the area. Before retiring, I actually worked for one of the excellent organizations to which the class was introduced during the panel sessions!

I am now a member of the board of SLLI, and even taught a leadership session! So, if you are an up-and-coming leader in the county, a newcomer and/or curious, I highly recommend SLLI to you, your family, colleagues and friends; sign up to see where it can lead you!

For more information visit: www.visitstlc.com/SLLI or call Laura Pearson at the St. Lawrence County Chamber at 315-393-3620.


Beth Yenchko

SLLI Class of 2011



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