Help us make your ‘creepy ideas’ a reality

To the editor:

Dear Lydia,

The staff at Historic Saranac Lake and the Saranac Laboratory Museum read your amazing letter to the editor, “Creepy Ideas,” (Enterprise, Feb. 28) and it really got us thinking! We love it when local students share great ideas about museums and history. Did you know that Saranac Lake has all kinds of weird or spooky history?

We originally thought we would invite you to come take a tour with us and learn about it, but then we had an even better idea!

There have to be other kids in the area who are interested in creepy things, so why not make an entire event? And what better day to learn about creepy history than Halloween? And who better to help us plan all kinds of creepy fun than an expert on creepy ideas?

So, Lydia, we are inviting you to help us plan a special event at the Saranac Laboratory Museum on or around Halloween this year. It will be a night to remember, sharing fun and strange local history with kids of all ages, and you can be our guest — or ghoul! — of honor! We may not have any mummies, but we think you’ll love learning about the haunted history of Saranac Lake. If you accept, please let us know by responding to this letter.

Thank you,

Chessie Monks-Kelly, Amy Catania and Emily Banach

Staff members of Historic Saranac Lake


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