Development of Glenview Preserve

To the editor:

The project is a travesty!

We have a visitor center (VIC) 10 minutes away that provides all the amenities that are outlined in the proposal. With the addition of new trails in Ray Brook and in Saranac Lake behind the old train depot, we already accommodate the handicapped and parents with strollers.

To quote the Adirondack Land Trust mission statement, “To forever conserve the forests, farmlands, water and wild places that advance the quality of life of our communities and ecological integrity of the Adirondacks.”

In an issue of Adirondack Life magazine (June 23, page 9), there is a quote from Mike Carr, the director, “On the faraway horizon, flickers of light outline the shape of the Adirondack park, reminding me how special this place is …”

This special place took millions of years to create and will be gone forever! It will be gone forever and ever!

Eileen D. Jauch

Saranac Lake


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