Why the New York Post?

To the editor:

It is a sad day in Saranac Lake when I open the paper and there is an opinion piece on our governor from that right wing rag the New York Post. (“New emails show Hochul’s COVID test pay-to-play still stinks to high heaven,” Jan. 31, Enterprise.) If I wanted to waste my money on that paper, I’d buy it. Meanwhile, there was a well-researched write up on our Rep. Elise Stefanik from the New York Times. I had forwarded that article to you in the hopes your paper would print it, perhaps in a multiple day article. It would have been of value to her constituents who live here. I admit I am pretty steamed to find a Post piece in our paper. You have to take everything in that paper with a grain of salt. Please, no more.


Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake

Editor’s note: The Adirondack Daily Enterprise does not have permission to reprint New York Times articles or editorials, which are copyrighted, unless they are shared through the Associated Press. The article referenced was not shared through the AP.


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