Was it a hate crime?

To the editor:

I, and I’m sure many others, became concerned when reading the front page story relating the vandalizing of a pride flag at a private residence. The “victim” initially stated that it was a “first instance of harassment.” She went on to explain that “it was more of an inconvenience.” The flag was found on the ground behind some bushes.

The tone quickly changed to an accusation of a hate crime. In fact, “hate” was cited eight times in her statements. As her rendition escalated, I began to reflect upon “The Boy Who Called Wolf” and “Chicken Little.”

That Saturday afternoon, there were seven fire calls for downed trees. On that same day, my brother’s USMC flag was torn from his house while his American flag held secure. 

So, “it’s actually a hate crime,” as the homeowner stated, or “the answer is blowing in the wind.”


Bob Callaghan

Lake Clear


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